How to recover from Soma addiction?

soma addictionSoma addiction can occur easily if you are not careful how you use the medication. Recovery from Soma or any other drug of abuse needs professional help and also takes time. Used to treat musculoskeletal problems and aches, this Carisoprodol drug is listed as a schedule IV drug in the USA, that has the potential for abuse. Most of the problems with regard to addiction start when the drug is taken in high doses, for longer periods, or recreationally along with other harmful substances. Find out what signs to watch out for that show that a person is addicted to the muscle relaxant and how the recovery can be done by reading this blog.

What are the signs of addiction to Soma?

Soma is relatively safe to use for pain relief when taken only according to the doctor’s instructions. There are chances of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing the use of the pain pills. The problem is that many persons continue to take the drug just because they do not want to experience the withdrawal side effects. Some of the severe symptoms include anxiety, hallucinations, vomiting, stomach pain, insomnia, tremors, and psychosis.

Addiction to this pill through whatever means should be detected quickly and treated. Delay in this aspect can result in major issues like drug overdose and also fatal side effects. Abuse and addiction to the muscle relaxer are manifest in certain physical symptoms like trouble sleeping, euphoria, drowsiness, blurry vision, loss of coordination, tightness in the chest, tremors, and speeding heart rate to name a few.

Other factors that addiction to Soma is taking the drug in high doses, visiting multiple doctors to get more pills, draining finances just to get the drug, neglecting any important duties, generally reckless behavior. If you or someone you know needs help, then go for professional medical assistance to recover from the problem.

How to identify whether a person is Addicted to Soma?

  • You might be consistently mixing Soma with other drug substance
  • All the time you need a high dose to experience the same feeling.
  • You would be prioritizing the drug use more than other activities.
  • You will be taking the same dosage more than the recommended dosage.
  • You might have started to rely on the drug to overcome the withdrawal symptoms of any other drug.

What are the ways to overcome the Soma addiction?

Addiction to Soma should never be done cold turkey or by going through it all on your own. This would cause a lot of health problems, especially severe withdrawal symptoms. There are quite a few ways to overcome the addiction but should be done only with professional help.

Check yourself into a rehabilitation center that specializes in this problem. You would undergo the right way to detox your body and get rid of all the toxic properties of the drug. These places also offer behavioral therapy.

Alternately, your doctor might taper the dose of Soma or prescribe some other drug to wean you off of the muscle relaxant completely. Join support groups so that you feel accountable and not alone in dealing with your problems. These are just a few ways to overcome the Soma addiction.